Outsourcing - Right for Every Company

Targeting and Retarting on the Net - Where is it Going?

How many online businesses use outsourcing? The answer may surprise you, especially if you are trying to run a company all on your own.  You  may not know it, but you are leaving a lot of money on the table. The fact is, you cannot do every job yourself, there is not enough time in the day and you are not an expert at every job you must do.

Many online businesses today are hiring skilled works from overseas to do time consuming jobs that help build businesses. Some of the poplar jobs include SEO, programming, graphic design, writing, support and many others.

Where do you hire these people? The Philippines is one of the best places for companies to find skilled workers that work for low wages. Manila just recently has in fact overtaken Mumbai as the second spot as an outsourcing destination. In addition to Manila, Cebu in Central Philippines also placed in the top 10 for outsourcing destinations.

The Philippines has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 10 years as companies continue to outsource many aspects of their businesses to countries where skill level is high and prices are affordable.

Industry sources said the Philippines success has been partly due to the demand for large talent pools of English speaking workforce, competitive telecommunication infrastructure, hard workers that come with an affordable hourly rate. Exactly what every company wants.

You can hire people anywhere from $1.00 to $6.00 an hour in most cases. The $6.00 an hour price would be for those of the highest skill set such as expert programmers. Websites such as EasyOutsource.com, OnlineJobs.ph and Outsourced.ph are helping these works and these employers get together. Many people also use the Manila CraigsList site to find each other.

Is hiring from the Philippines right for your business?