Get Rid of Those Unwanted Emails

Many of the email messages we get are just junk,  it is no wonder we have several different email addresses. We’re overwhelmed by junk emails.  

So, how do you get rid of all the junk and just let the good stuff through.  By creating filters of course.

Spam is the junk mail of the Internet, emails you don’t want but you still get.

Just think what your mailbox would be like if you received 100 or 200 pieces of junk mail every day. That’s what many of my older email accounts are like now.

Maybe you get that much right now, but you hate it if you do.

If you don’t have a way for getting that spam mail out of your inbox, then you’ll be deleting messages all day long, who wants to do that..

Most ISPs have SPAM filters that automatically send it to your spam folder. The folder is there so that you can look for the odd message that is accidentally deleted. However, some messages are labeled as junk and get filtered before they even reach the spam box. Those are obviously spam.  

Now you have to realize that spammers are people that want your money and want to mail you offers that you will buy. If they can’t you to send it on them, then they’ll use every ruse in the book to steal it from you.

The ISPs are winning. They constantly change their filters, but some of it still gets through.

The fastest way to deal with it is to take a little time to generate your own filters. The trick is to recognize the one or perhaps two words in the subject or text that you’re sure you’ll never care about, and then tell your email client that messages which contain them are spam

You’ll probably need to create a dozen filters to get rid of all the spam. But unless you have a lot of junk to deal with right now, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time on it. Creating one of two per day should eliminate almost all of it in a week or two. Also, be sure that you are careful to spell the keywords exactly as they were spelled in the offending message.

Keep at it and pretty soon you will have a clean mail box with wanted emails. Also be sure to check the deleted messages to ensure nothing you wanted was deleted for the few weeks after the filters are put into place.